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“Working with Libby was such a privilege. Every step of the way, I always felt that she just got me and my writing—which is a testament to her care and insightfulness. As someone who had never worked with an editor previously, I can’t express enough how fun, seamless, and immensely beneficial working with Libby was for me.


When she provided feedback regarding plot, character, style, or my writing's themes, I truly felt like I was receiving the feedback of someone who had put in the attention and diligence to understand both me and my writing.


That kind of perspective—the perspective of someone who sees your writing through your own eyes while also bringing her own incredibly insightful lens to a project—is a perspective that has truly enabled me to make my writing the best it can be. Going forward, I am so thrilled to say that the improvements I make in my writing are deeply indebted to Libby’s wisdom, care, and brilliant insight!”

“Thank you, Libby! Great reflections and comments as a beta reader on my novel. It was very helpful to improve my book.”

Mahaila Smith, author of Claw Machine

Libby is a thoughtful, patient, and knowledgeable editor. Her feedback has been immensely helpful, and I'm grateful for her support during my writing process.


I'm happy to be able to call Libby not only my editor, but also my colleague and my friend.

“Libby was incredible to work with. Communicative, punctual, and professional—I can't recommend her enough!”

Cynthia Sedlezky, medical school candidate

Applying for med school is terrifying and exhausting. But Libby's ability to see the strengths in my writing and bring out the most compelling parts of my personal story helped take my application to the next level.


Now I'm applying with a huge amount of confidence!

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