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Hi, I'm Libby! I'm an editor specializing in speculative fiction.

I learned how to read by pretending how to read. I would follow the words in picture books with my finger, trying to be like my older brother who read every night before bed in the bunk above mine. That was 2003 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

It's been a few years since those nights in the bunk bed; now, when I read, I actually know what the words mean—and what the author is conveying. I've channeled my passion for reading and stories into a career. 


I'm the co-editor of The Sprawl Mag, a speculative fiction, poetry, and art magazine that highlights the work of marginalized writers, whose perspectives have historically been left out of SFF. I believe in uplifting innovative and diverse voices.


  • Editorial Intern, BOMB Magazine​ (November 2022 – February 2023)

  • Editing Essentials qualification, Editors Canada (April 2022)

  • BA History, Queen's University (2021)

  • John Eerkes-Medrano Mentorship Program, Editors Canada

  • Copyediting Group Mentorship, Editorial Arts Academy

I have experience working with independent authors across a wide array of genres, but I specialize in science fiction and fantasy. I've also edited reports, project proposals, and newsletters for various non-profit organizations, including the Canadian Red Cross. 

If you've never worked with an editor before, I'm here to guide you. I know the editing process can be daunting, so I make sure to tackle every project with respect and light-heartedness. A free consultation is available to anyone who would like to discuss their project with me before starting the editing process. 

Apart from literature, I enjoy a good podcast (you can catch me listening to Front Burner or—if I’m fed up with the real world—Dungeons and Daddies). I’m also a big fan of craft beer, preferably on a patio, and dogs, preferably close enough to be petted. I currently live in Vancouver, but this is subject to change.

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